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Cuba Railfan Tour coming 2018 -Posponed

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First Visit to Cuba March 2017 was a huge success!

Railyard Productions “Cuba” Last Days of Steam International

Note: U.S. Citizen? You must be a journalist to join this tour , one of the 12 types of travel that are permitted to visit Cuba.

Contact us for details.


Railyard Productions   to visit heritage railroads, sugar mills and other points of interest.  Join us as we take a step back in time and catch a fading glimpse of 1950s Cuba.  See classic 1950s and older American automobiles, Operating American and European  locomotives and others from around the world.  Join us as we visit tourist railroads running Steam and early Diesel.  And then of course there is the beautiful Cuban countryside, Historic architecture and awesome beaches.   Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.

Arrive in Cuba on January 31st depart Cuba February 9th 2017.

UPDATE: The Cuba Railfan Trip will take place in February 2017.  Contact us soon if your interested in joining.


Please Note Cuba is constantly changing.  Railyard Productions can make no guarantee on what locomotives we will see or what trains will be running.  While steam is no longer used in regular service we will be visiting Railroad Museums and Tourist Railroads.

Photos from our trip:

CubaRPDSC_2938_112 CubaRPDSC_2946_119 CubaRPDSC_2970_142 CubaRPDSC_2983_152



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Canada and Dominion 7456 “Night Photo Shoot” August 5th 2016 Sidney,MI

C and D 7456

C and D 7456. For this event we applied a decal created by my good friend David Reed.

CN 7456 “Light Her Up” August 8th 2015 Sidney,Mi

Backing Up copy Collin on caboose copyGirls waiting to board Sepia copyDSC_9955

Pere Marquette 1225 “Return to Clare” Excursion March 14 2015

Farewell to the troops 1943

Farewell to the troops 1943

RpReturnToClareDSC_8824_322 RpReturnToClareDSC_8886_325 RpReturnToClareDSC_8838_329 RpReturnToClareDSC_8915_327 RpReturnToClareDSC_8894_326

This Was a one day excursion  March 14th 2015 with Pere Marquette 1225 .  We departed  Owosso Mi at 9:00AM and arrive at Clare Mi 1:00PM With a 3hr layover in Clare so passengers can partake of the Irish festival which coincided with our excursion. The train then departed Clare at 4:00PM running back to Owosso to finish up around 7:00PM. We had a Photo Runby in Shepherd Michigan,

Railyard Productions Explorers Post 1225 Photo Shoot 3/13/2 Completed Event

Railyard Productions along with Greg Durling of Riverview Photography was able to raise over $600.00 for the Explorers Post 1225 from this event! Thank You to all of the people who made this event a success!

Check out Riverview Photography here http://www.riverviewphoto.com/

On the Eve of our Railyard Productions second excursion to The Clare Irish Festival Railyard Productions had a night time photo Shoot in the SRI Yard and around the turntable with Pere Marquette 1225. We procured some WWII re-enactors to pose for the photographers. This was a great success and everyone had a chance to get some awesome shots. We will be doing more of this type photo shoot. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed.

DSC_8772RpRTCnightPhotoDSC_8773_339 RpRTCnightPhotoDSC_8784_340 RpRTCnightPhotoDSC_8793_341 RpRTCnightPhotoDSC_8799_342 RpRTCnightPhotoDSC_8813_343 RpRTCnightPhotoDSC_8650_332 RpRTCnightPhotoDSC_8709_336 RpRTCnightPhotoDSC_8753_338

Photographing trains at night can produce dramatic images. However, if you lack the knowledge to take night shots you might find it quite intimidating. This event will be geared toward people with little or no knowledge of the subject. ( More advanced photographers are encouraged to help teach.) Space will be limited so sign up for our newsletter and stay informed. We will give a short clinic ” How to setup and take night shots” prior to the photo shoot. We highly Recommend that you use a tripod for night shots.
The Explorers meet at the Steam Railroading Institute in Owosso, Michigan every Saturday from 2:00 to 4:00pm. The group learns about railroading, fundraising, leadership skills, and much more. The members are involved with planning, promoting, and carrying out events at SRI including the popular Nightmare Express. Recently, the group has taken on the task of restoring Mississippian no. 76.
If you’d like to become a member of the Explorer group, contact SRI at 989-725-9464. The group is open to both boys and girls who are in between the ages of 14 and 21.

Mississippian no. 76
Built in 1920 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works for the Jonesboro, Lake City and Eastern Railway Company as their #40, but was leased for many years to the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company as their #76. In 1947, she was sold to the Mississippian Railway, where she worked in local freight service for nearly 30 years before being sold to a tourist railroad. Purchased in 1995 by SRI the Explorers Post in the process of restoring her for operation.

PM 1223 Night Photo Shoot completed Event



Railyard Productions is collaborating with Riverview Photography on some upcoming Night Photo Shoots. Photographing trains at night can produce dramatic images. However, if you lack the knowledge to take night shots you might find it quite intimidating. Our first clinic will be geared toward people with little or no knowledge of the subject. ( More advanced photographers are encouraged to help teach.)  Space will be limited so sign up for our newsletter and stay informed. We will give a short clinic ” How to setup and take night shots” prior to the photo shoot. We will be photographing a non-operating steam locomotive, Freight cars and a couple of cabooses in low light and have Smoke Machines to simulate smoke and steam. We will have live models in period dress.

You can use any camera you desire but we suggest a DSLR  for best results.  Your camera should have “Bulb Mode” and it is best to have a “cable shutter release” because any camera shake will blur the image.

Participants should bring tripods to steady their cameras for required exposure times. Digital and film cameras are welcome, and a cable release is desirable.A professional photographer will be available to advise participants and recommend techniques and exposure times.

Event Location:      Chinook Pier Park, Jackson Ave., Grand Haven, Michigan

Date: 10/4/2014 7:00PM – 11:00PM

Return to Rails Excursion March 15 2014:

We had our first excursion March 15 2014. The Pere Marquette  Return to Rails excursion was a Great success even though the steam locomotive was not able to run the entire route due to some paperwork problems regarding the bridges. I would like to point out that Railyard Productions was not aware of this problem until the day before the trip. As it turned out we did start off with PM 1225 leading our train and then switched to diesel locomotives at Carland. The diesels ran the route from Carland to Clare and then back to Carland at which point PM 1225 was re-coupled to our train and completed our run.



The Lincoln Funeral

Watch Our LIVE broadcast on Twitter. The car will be on display Saturday morning, May 2,2014  at Isringhausen Imports, which is directly across from the Amtrak depot. At approximately 9 a.m., military reenactors will offload a replica of President Lincoln’s coffin. The coffin will be loaded onto a horse-drawn hearse and taken to 6th & Washington streets. Meanwhile, the Lincoln Funeral Car will be moved to the Crowne Plaza hotel for its official public opening.

If you would like to watch Railyard Productions live broadcast you should “Follow” us on Twitter You will get a message when we start our broadcast. http://twitter.com/robteed48808

9:00AM Saturday Morning May 2nd: Removing the Presidents casket from the Lincoln Funeral Car and placing it in the horse drawn hearse. Railyard Productions will be broadcasting this.

6:00PM there is a dinner event, Before dinner we ( The Press ) will get a walk through of the Lincoln Funeral car. Railyard Productions will be broadcasting the walk through around 5:30PM

9:00AM Sunday morning The Funeral begins. Railyard Productions will broadcast at different times throughout the day.

Railyard Productions will be broadcasting Live with Periscope on Twitter http://twitter.com/robteed48808


In addition we will be filming with several different HD cameras and these videos will be posted on Railyard Productions Youtube channel and some on the Facebook Page.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz-6tG6KLw6S_9xHIYo66MQ

The Lincoln Funeral Car brought to you by http://thosetrainpeople.com/

Private Varnish

Railyard Productions first event was a private trip for 5 lucky people on board the “Montana”. We boarded in Toledo and ended in Chicago. Truly a memorable trip.

Railyard Productions Montana

For more information about “Montana” go here Montana

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